Helen Christov - Medical Herbalist

Potted Herb Plants

In the Spring of 2017 I was very happy to come across some elegant, biodegradable, brown pots made using husk fibre from annual crops. These are called Vipots and they are meant to last around 5 years or will degrade completely in 9-18 months if they are put on the compost heap. I got so inspired about these that I bought several boxes full and re-started my herb nursery dream and began propagating.....

I have grown these herbs myself according to organic principles, either from seed or cuttings from my own plants. I use a sustainable, peat-free compost called Silvragrow. The labels are written on wooden lolly pop sticks; common names on one side and Latin names on the other. Therefore there is no plastic whatsoever to end up in landfill.

potted plants

The herb plants will be for sale for a few days per month at Ceres Natural Foods in Yeovil, or occasionally at various village fairs in my local area. See the Events page for dates. I may well set up a mail order service in the future.

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