Helen Christov - Medical Herbalist


The initial consultation will take approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours. It includes a full case history and a clinical examination if appropriate.

Herbal medicine will be prescribed along with dietary and lifestyle advice according to your
individual needs.

Follow on consultations take around ½ to ¾ hour and will usually take place 3 weeks later but, depending on circumstances, it could be a shorter or longer time between visits. Click here for more information.

About the medicine

Organic herbs are always used where available. This means I do actually try really hard to get them! However some herbs, especially Chinese ones never seem to have an organic certificate but this does not necessarily mean they have been sprayed. I’m very picky about my suppliers and buy from the most ethical companies I can find.

I make up all the medicines myself and if you need an ointment it will be vegan.


Initial consultation:     £55

Follow on consultations:     £30

100ml tincture:     £8

100g dried herbs:     £8

100ml of tincture or 100g of tea is usually a weeks worth, but this does vary. You may need more than one medicine at the same time.

Ointments, lotions, creams, capsules, poultices and liniments will be individually priced and discussed with you prior to prescribing them.

What Happens in a Consultation?

At the first visit, your full case history will be taken. This involves me listening to why you have come for treatment and gives a chance for you to explain all your symptoms and how you feel about them. You will be asked about when the problem started and how it has progressed.

Then you will be asked about your past medical history, key illnesses in close family members, and a review on each system of the body e.g. respiratory system, nervous system and digestive system. Details of your diet, any allergies, stress levels, occupation and social factors that may affect your health will also be included.

You will probably be asked to have your blood pressure and pulse taken and a look at your tongue. If appropriate other clinical examinations can be carried out, with your permission. This may be listening to your heart or lungs, testing your hearing or vision, checking your joints or nerve function or feeling your abdomen

Blood and urine test results can also be interpreted to aid diagnosis and in some cases I may be able to do these tests for you if you wish.

All this information builds up a very precise picture of your health, which allows me to understand your current condition within the context of any contributing factors that have led to your present imbalance. This is therefore, what is known as a holistic approach because we are looking at the whole picture.

Treatment can then be tailored to your unique individual needs and will also include dietary and lifestyle advice. You will be prescribed herbal medicine in the form of teas, powders, capsules, tinctures or non-alcohol based extracts for taking internally and/or ointments, creams, lotions, poultices, liniments or sprays for external use.

Clear instructions as to dosage will be given and you will be asked to return for follow-up visits at appropriate intervals to monitor your progress.

Everything disclosed in a consultation will be strictly confidential.

Home Visits

These are available mainly for elderly, infirm or acutely ill patients who are unable to make the journey to see me. In addition to the standard consultation and medicine fees, my travel costs are worked out in the following way:

Mileage 40p per mile

Travel time £20 per hour, worked out to the nearest 5 minutes.

So, for example, if you live 7 miles away and it takes me 16 minutes to drive there, the return journey would be 40p x 14 = £5.60 for mileage and £10 for 32 minutes travel time, which makes a total of £15.60 on top of the normal prices for that home visit.

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